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FX Trading Revolution is your independent source of anything related to Forex. Founded in 2015, the website enables traders to get the most from our real forex trading experience. Picture.

FX Trading Revolution is the free forex source for every professional trader but our very personal insights, education, truth about forex brokers and other sections concentrate on establishing a foundation, which will turn newbie and experienced newbies into money-making traders. It is where we step out of the regular market flow and discuss the details.

About the founders

Out team of full-time profitable traders first discovered forex trading approximately 12 years ago. During that time we have gathered vast experience and have also explored a lot of behind-the-scenes information, exactly how the entire financial market works, and especially how brokers conduct their business. Thanks to that we realized how extremely important the choice of the right broker is and what is happening in the field of brokerage.

​This pushed us to create the FX Trading Revolution Team, which began with the main goal of testing forex brokers around the world and as a result brings necessary, undistorted and reliable information about the choices of the right brokers for traders.

Small idea grown big

However, what seemed to be just a small idea in the beginning is now growing exponentially. As forex traders from around the world appreciated our fair approach and requested that more topics regarding forex trading were added, the FX Trading Revolution website is continuously enhanced!

Relevance is Our Core

​FX Trading Revolution is now the only place that forex traders need to visit in order to become profitable traders without paying for it. FX Trading Revolution provides exclusive daily Interbank HFT analysis, abundant education and personal know-how, the best time-tested forex indicators, profitable trading strategies, real forex brokers reviews and much more! This makes it an indispensable site for anyone interested in forex.

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FX Articles (Guests)
Trader’s Guide to R StocksTrader Multi-asset Platform
This overview specifically introduces the basics of trading on the R StocksTrader platform. This is RoboForex's unique multi-market network platform, allowing traders to access various market asset groups and thousands of tools. In this article, only the desktop version is discussed, but it has apps for iOS and Android, suitable for traders who like to control their positions from anywhere in the world.

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⭐ AI-powered trading platform
⭐ No commission and tight spreads
⭐ One app, 3800+ markets
⭐ Low spreads
⭐ High security: NBRB license
Trading Systems
Improved Moving Averages System
Moving averages are nowadays a standard on every trading platform, but only a few people can actually use them correctly. Our improved Moving Averages System not only eliminates a large number of false signals, but at the same time increases the chance of success several times over, and it is possible to trade even the longest trends the markets have to offer.
Trading Systems
E+MA+CD - Professional Strategy
E+MA+CD is an exceptionally sophisticated forex trading strategy, whose main strength is the combination of the dynamics of moving averages together with the robustness of MACD. Thanks to this the strategy provides superior predictions that result in regular profits in the hundreds of pips. Of course, the high percentage of success of predicted signals is also a matter of course, without which this strategy would surely become just another ordinary strategy among many others.
Trading Systems
Price Action – enter with the third bump!
Currency pairs are among the most traded markets in the world today and there are many followers for each pair. But there are also opponents, which is why each currency pair has evolved differently over time. Of course, it is not only traders who influence the different developments, but also countries, banks and many other institutions. In addition to the fact that currency pairs develop quite differently in many cases, there are also situations in which they behave very similarly, and we will discuss one of these here today.
FX Articles (Guests)
RoboForex Adds Over 500 New Assets and Fractional Shares to R StocksTrader
The R StocksTrader terminal now offers more than 500 new trading instruments. Among them are the shares of such popular companies as Rivian Automotive Inc (RIVN), Lucid Group Inc (LCID), Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK-B), Udemy Inc. (UDMY), Bakkt Holdings Inc. (BKKT), and others.