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Trading Systems
The Powerful Tool Trading strategy
The Powerful Tool trading strategy is a combination of two standard indicators, which are given the task of finding optimal entry and exit points from the market after determining the current trend. In addition to these indicators, the strategy uses the three-candle line technique, that is, a trade is opened on the candle that closes above the last three before the trend reversal. Combining this trading method with effective Elder indicators allows trading with good and stable profits.
Indicators & EA
The Squeeze On Chart Trading Indicator for MT5
The Squeeze On Chart is a modified version of the Squeeze indicator. Unlike the previous version, which was presented in the lower chart window as a histogram, Squeeze On Chart is displayed directly on the price chart, coloring the candles in one of three colors, indicating the direction of the trade that should be opened , thereby simplifying the trading conditions. That is, coloring a candle in any color can be considered as an indicator signal. Squeeze On Chart is perfect for use in various trading strategies as an additional indicator confirming signals, but the possibility of its independent use is also not denied.
Indicators & EA
The AFL Winner Trading Indicator for MT4
The AFL Winner indicator was designed to quickly identify market momentum, price fluctuations, and reversals, mainly resulting from the establishment of overbought or oversold conditions on the current chart, by making calculations based on the moving LWMA. The indicator represents the current market movement by drawing in the lower in the price chart window, small columns of two colors that fluctuate within values from 0 to 100, taking into account the current market trend, and at the same time, the optimal moment for opening a position in a certain direction, depending on the current trend, is determined.
Trading Systems
Weekly Forex Trading Strategy
Despite the fact that many Forex traders choose intraday trading systems because of the increased opportunities in shorter time frames brought on by market volatility, a weekly trading plan for the currency can offer greater flexibility and stability. A weekly candlestick offers comprehensive market data. Weekly Forex trading techniques focus on keeping position sizes small and avoiding taking on too much risk.
Trading Systems
The Quick Profit Scalping Trading Strategy
The Quick Profit is a simple trading strategy that brings good profit on small timeframes. It includes effective indicators included in the standard forex set. Despite the fact that the indicators included in its composition are rarely used in short-term trading, in the Quick Profit strategy they perform the function of trading on small time intervals, without losing any of its properties.
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Track your trading performance with Fxmerge
If you are keen to succeed in the world of Forex, you are surely going to enjoy what Fxmerge can offer you. This portal can be your best partner in managing your trading while keeping track of how your investments are going. Trading is all about experience and achieving good results, even though sometimes this is not always possible due to the inevitable risks associated with trading. However, if you keep track of your trading performance and learn to use this information to your advantage, you will be in a much better position to make well informed choices and decisions.
Indicators & EA
Average Trend MT5 trading indicator based on MA
The Average Trend is an indicator that helps to determine the current trend or its absence in the market. Thus, the indicator allows finding the best moment to enter the market after determining the trend. The indicator determines the presence or absence of a trend after its moving average turns into one of three colors , the first of which indicates an uptrend, the second a downtrend, and the third the absence of both of them. Trading with this indicator should only be made during a trend, since during the period of its absence trades are most often managed with a minimum profit. The indicator can be used with any currency pair on any timeframe, which creates convenience in own trading.
FX Articles
Mid-Year Fx outlook: How High Can the USD Go in 2022?
When will the Dollar Peak? – Look at Inflation Based on the technicals this could sometimes happen during the autumn months in the 112.00 - 114.00 DXY area.
Indicators & EA
The Squeeze Trading Indicator for MT5
The Squeeze indicator is designed to quickly determine the current trend and then get the opportunity to trade. The indicator itself consists of two parts, the first of which is the indicator histogram, which, depending on the current market situation, is painted in a certain color, while being above or below the zero level, and the second part is the signal line of the indicator, which basically moves in the same direction as the histogram. In addition to the trend, the Squeeze indicator is also able to determine its absence, that is, the lateral movement, which appears at the moment when the indicator temporarily stops forming histogram columns. The indicator is suitable for use on any currency chart using a convenient timeframe.