CCI indicator


  • Easy to use and highly effective CCI based indicator for free
  • With this CCI indicator, you will be able to spot, predict, trade and profit from strong trends of markets
  • Highly accurate prediction of a price direction
  • Useful for all markets (forex, commodities, stocks, indices and others) and timeframes
  • Compatibility: MetaTrader 4
  • Monthly updated for free

How to trade with the indicator profitably:

The indicator is based on a very simple but highly effective CCI calculation. The indicator shows the colored line in your charts. The color of the line may be blue or red. The blue color stands for strong upside moves and the red color stands for strong downside trends.

CCI indicator

Trading with the indicator is very simple. You can use the indicator either for market entries as well as exits. Simply as soon as the blue color becomes red, upcoming downside moves could be expected and vice versa.

The indicator offers to set the " CCI_factor " setting. The default value is 3. For spotting longer and more stable trends, CCI_factor = 10 is recommended. But we recommend to test out which value will suit your trading style the best and will be most profitable for you.

The latest CCI indicator, version: 2.44

Do you need help with installing this indicator into MT4 for Windows or Mac OS? Our guide HERE will help you.

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