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The MACD Stochastic Overlay Trading indicator for MT5
MACD Stochastic Overlay is a specialized system designed to assess the current market position, as well as to identify optimal entry points to the market. On the chart, this indicator is represented as candles painted in certain colors, thanks to which the direction of the trade will be revealed. Despite the complexity of the calculations, the indicator MACD Stochastic Overlay is quite simple to use. To perform its main tasks, the indicator combines the calculations of two indicators MACD and Stochastic at once, which together create a win-win mini strategy that can be used on any timeframe, with any currency pairs.
Indicators & EA
The MACD Bool Color trading indicator for MT5
MACD Bool Color is a modified version of the MACD oscillator. The MACD Bool Color indicator is presented in the form of a histogram that is easier to understand, thanks to which visual signals are created that allow opening a trade in any direction. This scheme of work is simplified, so the indicator can be used even by beginners. It can be called universal, as it works quite accurately on any timeframe, with any currency pairs.
Indicators & EA
The Double RSI Arrow Forex indicator for MT5
The Double RSI is a signal indicator designed to determine the optimal entry and exit points for trades. This indicator is a small strategy formed by the interaction of two RSI indicators and two MA indicators with different period values. After making calculations, the indicator will be indicated on the price point and mark on the chart, taking into account which it should be opened or closed a certain position after receiving a signal.
Indicators & EA
RSI-MA-RSI full-fledged Strategic indicator for MT5
The RSI-MA-RSI indicator can be considered a small strategy based on a combination of RSI and MA indicators, the result of the calculation of these two indicators will be the search for the optimal point for opening a trade. And as a result, an indicator created to simplify trading conditions is obtained. RSI-MA-RSI indicator presented in the lower window of the price chart as three lines, RSI, RSI on MA and MA on RSI, with added levels of 20, 50 and 80.
Indicators & EA
Mass Index for MT4 - When will the mass shift happen for the next time
It is a well-known fact that the masses of people move world events, and it is no different in the case of markets, where this is doubly true without any exaggeration. The Mass Index is a new one in a series of oscillating indicators whose algorithm evaluates the realignment of the masses of traders from one side to the other, which is one of the most important pieces of information in trading.
Indicators & EA
Fibonacci evolving average for MT4
Leonardo of Pisa, also better known as Leonardo Fibonacci, was a prominent mathematician who introduced the so-called Fibonacci sequence to mathematics, which over time has found its place in other important fields, including, of course, our favourite trading. The Fibonacci retracement is a well-known concept among traders, but here we present a true unique among Fibonacci indicators that can not only automatically retrace itself over time, but at the same time its algorithm can determine the optimal value of the new location.
Indicators & EA
Double Forex Line for MT4 - double trade confirmation
Trend lines are one of the indispensable indicators in the modern trading environment, without which many traders would no longer be able to trade profitably. Today, however, we are not bringing you ordinary moving averages, but averages with a special algorithm, thanks to which the values of the lines during periods of small trend changes almost do not change and, on the contrary, at the moment when the markets are trending, these lines, on the contrary, accelerate their development and that is where their uniqueness lies.
Indicators & EA
Trading indicator Trend envelopes parabolic weighted MA Histo for MT5
Trend envelopes-parabolic weighted MA Histo is an updated version of the Trend envelopes indicator, made in the form of a histogram with the addition of a moving average. Thanks to good signal filtering and additional calculations, the indicator allows conducting effective and profitable trades. Despite the fact that the indicator does not generate many signals, thanks to powerful filtering, almost all of them turn out to be accurate.
Indicators & EA
StepByStep Lines for MT4 - fewer hits, better results
There are many types of trend lines, which can be based on relatively simple algorithms, but on the other hand, they can also be a very complex and sophisticated system of algorithms that often make trend lines evolve quite differently from how we usually know them. The StepByStep line belongs rather on the borderline of both, its curve evolving quite "normally" one moment, then nothing and then suddenly jumping. Thanks to this effect, unlike basic trend lines, it is possible to trade the trend without many unwanted interventions and bad trading outcomes.