Fractal Channels for MT4 - channels from which the price does not reflect


Fractals, and with them trading channels, are very popular trading indicators among traders, and even some "timeless" strategies of big trading companies are based on them.

Today's indicator is all the more unique in that the boundaries of the trading channels are not formed with the help of various averages but based on previous fractals, which adds considerably to the indicator's strength and also to its overall relevance. 

  • Channel breaks
  • User complexity: Simple
  • Usability: Commodities, Forex, Gold
  • MetaTrader 4 Compatibility.
  • Free indicator updates
Fractal Channels for MT4

Trading with the indicator

Within today's indicator, just wait until the price hits either the lower channel (to enter short positions) or the upper channel (for long entries) and then you can immediately start making new entries and possibly exit ongoing trading positions in the opposite direction (see chart below - green ellipse= buy entry, purple= buy exit + sell entry).

Fractal Channels for MT4

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Do you need help with installing this indicator into MT4 for Windows or Mac OS? Our guide HERE will help you.