AltSignals Review


AltSignals is one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading signals providers in the market. Since 2017, this U.K.-based firm is providing high-quality trading signals for the BitMex, Bybit and Binance exchanges. Moreover, it is also allowing users that trade in the FX market to follow fiat currency signals.

AltSignals Review - Providing High-Quality Crypto Trading Signals Since 2017

The company has been working with a team of experts and analysts providing the best trading calls for crypto and FX traders.

Services Offered by AltSignals

This crypto trading signals provider is offering a wide range of services for its clients. If you are a newcomer to cryptocurrencies or an advanced trader that want to get confirmation about some trades in the market, AltSignals is for you.

The firm is offering not only crypto trading signals but also educational content for users to learn why the market behaves in a specific way or why it moves in certain directions. This is going to be very useful for individuals that are learning how to trade and that do not want to only place trades in the market.

AltSignals provides a 24/7 customer support in Telegram and it allows members to get all the information they need. Moreover, if they have some trouble while handling the trading signals, there will always be someone ready to help, including the owner of the company.

Considering there are many clients that want to make more informed decisions before starting to follow AltSignals trading signals on Telegram, they want to have detailed reports about the trade signals provided by the company.

This is why AltSignals is releasing monthly reports with information about the signals sent, the profits made and the accuracy of the information provided to users.

Furthermore, AltSignals is also offering clients an in-house algorithm indicator that provides information about entry and exit levels in the market. You can read more about this service in the coming section.

Summary of Services Provided by AltSignals:

  • Trading signals for BitMex, Binance, Bybit and FX
  • Educational content about cryptocurrencies
  • Monthly reports about the signals provided
  • 24/7 support for clients
  • Algorithmic Indicator with precise information about entry and exit points

Trading View Algorithm Indicator for Traders

As mentioned before, AltSignals has developed a new indicator that can be implemented into TradingView and help traders realize which are entry and exit levels. In the images below, you can see how entering a position using this indicator could be a great way of making profits.


Reviews and Testimonials

AltSignals is one of the most recognized crypto trading signals providers in the world. This can be confirmed by the reviews that it had in the last years. Trustpilot reports 89% of “Excellent” reviews with 5 stars - the highest result they could have.

Geller, a cryptocurrency trader and user wrote about AltSignals:

“I have known this team for quite a while and I am proud of my choice which was Altsignals. Their leverage signals are great specially binance futures if you get a binance subscription you can use both futures and regular signals and make a profit. I am happy to be with this team. Go Altsignals.”

AltSignals Review


AltSignals is one of the oldest and most recognized cryptocurrency trading signals channels on Telegram. The firm has been operating since 2017 and it has already built a large community throughout its wide range of channels.

Moreover, the company is now offering a wide range of services, including accurate trading signals, educational content for passionate traders and users, reports to make better decisions, and great customer support.

Furthermore, they have developed their own indicator that can be installed on TradingView and that would provide you with great insight on whether to enter or exit a trade in the virtual currency market.