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The Covid-19 situation seems to go on and on, and so many being hurt financially. Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by the virus. This is the ideal time to learn a proven system and take charge of our future. Get a close look this Friday -- live trading on real-time charts. We'll be trading the price action generated by the US Non-Farm Payroll.

Live-Trading the NFP Price Action

Tuesday, February 9th, 2:00 p.m. EST

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There's no better way to evaluate a trading system than to see the system at work on real-time charts!

The one thing we do like about the current world situation is the extreme price movement. Regardless of whether it moves up or down, our accounts grow. We are identifying opportunities every day that can bring truly amazing profit. Learn how to get in on these movements now, while there is still time to take advantage.

Analyzing price action is not enough. You'll see how we add global context and two unique indicators to move the odds in our favor and enjoy up to 90% wins. See for yourself the effective entries and incredible risk management. The MAX System catches great trend trades like this EURUSD trade, and you can learn how to do it consistently -- and on any market you prefer:

You'll also enjoy helpful gifts for everyone and a chance to win a MAX Trading System if you attend. For everyone tired of missing the bulk of the trend, or finally getting in only to watch price run away from you, this will be a true breakthrough moment. See how sweet trend trading can be when you have the right system and a great coach.

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