Bityard Backs Retail Traders with Unrestricted Access to Trade Crypto


Recently the worth of Bitcoin continues to forge new highs, and more and more people want to hitch the crypto market. However, those that haven't any crypto related background might not get profit via flexible trading. Bityard, the primary integrated exchange within the market, is backing individual and personal investors by offering unrestricted access to trade Cryptocurrencies. The signal group are going to be available for all traders since today.

“As we all know , the crypto market will grow much bigger in conjunction with the BTC price rises, so will the intend of crypto investment. But not everyone possesses sufficient professional knowledge and trading strategy. supported this, we decided to push to make a worldwide gateway giving all traders an equivalent opportunity as institutional investors as we've been at the forefront of the democratisation of trading by giving increased and easier access to plug products and data.” commented Michael Hung, Chief military officer , of Bityard. “ So we don’t want to be during a position where we restrict access for anyone – this is able to go against everything we've been trying to realize . it's this reason we'll offer unrestricted access to trade Crypto.”

Bityard was founded in 2019 and from the start , the corporate has grown rapidly and currently serve clients in additional than 150 countries. Traders who have an interest in cryptocurrencies can access it from today and new investors can sign-up, and obtain 258 USDT as a welcome bonus.

Bityard provides clients with access to premium liquidity and wide selection of trading services like spot trading, copy trade, up to 100x leverage trading, derivatives, Forex, and U.S. stock CFD, while maintaining security, enabling a stable and efficient trading environment for users.

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