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Modern investments today take many forms. For example, it is possible to invest passively, when the person interested in investing only opens an account, deposits money in it, chooses the desired investment instrument and then only watches how his investment is doing. One such instrument is, for example, Trading Strategies and ETF Portfolios, which we offer at Purple Trading. These have huge potential, especially in today's uncertain times.

Come see with us how exactly they work.

ETF portfolio

Index funds, exchange traded funds or "Exchange traded funds" are all designations for ETF portfolios, which are made up of a comprehensive and unchanging set of bonds and shares. The main advantage of ETFs is their financial and user accessibility. An investor can start investing as little as CZK 500 per month, and all he has to do is open an account with Purple Trading and choose one of the available portfolios to join.

In addition, these portfolios are not managed by a portfolio manager, so you will save significantly on fees, unlike their alternative, which is mutual funds.

Purple Trading ETF portfolios available

1. Conservative portfolio

One of the most popular portfolios among investors who do not want to take much risk and prefer to try to rely more on so-called "security" and stability. In terms of time, this portfolio is more of a short-term investment, for which it is usually more advantageous to invest once.

Investment horizon - short-term 2 - 5 years

Expected average annual yield - 3 - 6%

2. Balanced portfolio

In terms of risk, it is a more risky portfolio compared to the previous one, however, it is still a more stable type with a medium-term investment horizon, which, unlike the conservative portfolio, offers a higher expected return on investment.

Investment horizon - medium-term 4 - 8 years

Expected average annual yield - 4 - 9%

3. Dynamic portfolio

On the other hand, this portfolio is one of the most popular with investors who are looking for higher potential appreciation and do not mind a higher degree of risk. Due to the mentioned higher risk, regular investments in smaller amounts tend to be more advantageous here.

Investment horizon - long-term from 7 years

Expected average annual yield - 4 - 9%

4. Global stock portfolio

You never know which new company will become the new Tesla, Facebook or Microsoft, so it may be worthwhile to invest widely. This portfolio is designed to invest in the shares of the largest European and American companies. In addition, however, it also invests in companies in the so-called "Emerging markets", ie markets in countries with huge potential for growth.

Investment horizon - long-term from 10 years

Expected average annual yield - 5 - 10%

5. Sector stock portfolio

One thing is for sure, the human population is aging. This is one of the reasons why the stock prices of companies focusing on population aging and the development of biotechnology are currently on the rise. This ETF portfolio is aimed precisely at the shares of these companies.

Investment horizon - long-term from 10 years

Expected average annual yield - 8 - 12%

Investment strategy (Copytrading)

Unlike previous ETFs, this is not a comprehensive portfolio in which you can invest passively, but it is a so-called copying strategy (copying trades), which comes directly from professional traders, with whom we at Purple Trading cooperate for these purposes. Similarly, the minimum deposit for strategies is around EUR 1000, but the potential profitability is also much higher.

The most interesting shared strategies this year

1. Atlantis Low

Atlantis strategy has long been one of the most popular shared business strategies in our offer. At present, Atlantis Low achieves a regular appreciation of around 1% per month.

2. Atlantis Medium

Compared to the previous little sister, this is a riskier, but much more profitable business strategy, for which it is no exception to achieve a month-on-month appreciation of the order of several percent (in the period between 5 April 2021 and 5 May 2021, it was, for example, 18 %)

3. Conservative FOREX Trading

Until this year, one of the most conservative strategies ever, which, after a not very successful February, returned to its profitable standard, which in the past month (May 2021) was a respectable 22%.

4. Palmary Strategy

Long-term holding of positions and long-term low value of the maximum recorded loss, this is the main advantage of Palmara's strategy.

5. Perpetuum Exclusive

At the moment, the least risky strategy, which achieved the highest loss of only 4.05% during the sharing period at Purple Trading.

6. World Crypto Strategy

One of the newest and most profitable shared strategies this year, where the profit has already exceeded an unprecedented 30% this year. The strategy works on the basis of CFD trades, based on technical and fundamental analysis of cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash).

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