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CoinsBeast is the number one news source for cryptocurrencies, coin offerings, and NFTs that will bring you the latest stories and profitable investment ideas from the crypto world right in your inbox, even before it’s in the mainstream news. That’s right! When you subscribe to the FREE newsletter, you’ll get new deals delivered straight to your inbox before others see them. 

The skilled team at CoinsBeast will bring you fast and reliable news about anything related to crypto. Learn about coins, tokens, NFT collectibles, NFT art, and the blockchain games that will let you earn FREE crypto! features a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind voting platform for new and upcoming community-based tokens and NFTs. So take the chance and be among the first who will participate in the latest and most exciting developments in the crypto and NFT world.

First things first, on the left side, you will see the main menu where you’ll find the links to the key pages on, such as coin rankings, new coins, presale, and the NFT calendar. Let’s look at each one at a time.

Coin Rankings

At the top of the homepage, you’ll see the rankings of the best coins for the day. These have been voted by users like yourself. You can also vote for the coins here and help the best ones to appreciate the top. Maybe even your favorite one! 

All Time Best

This list shows the coins with the most votes over the long term. Here you’ll also find all the relevant info about each coin, such as its price, recent trend direction, the current market cap, time since inception, and the number of votes it has received.

The coin rankings and all time best listings can help you decide which cryptocurrencies to invest your money in or which ones to avoid. Indeed, what other market participants think and believe about a particular crypto is important, and this is exactly what the voting system will help understand. 

New Coins

Here, you’ll see the latest new coin listings before many others see them. Who knows, one of these might as well turn out to be the next Bitcoin.


These coins have not been publicly listed yet, but you’ll get a chance to invest in them via CoinsBeast. You can find more information about each coin listed here by simply clicking on it. Then you can examine it in more detail and pick your favorites.

Top Gainers

These are the top-performing cryptos for the week. Regularly scanning this page can help you spot trends early and see which cryptos are gaining market share and which are falling out of favor.

Add a Coin

This is an exciting part. Here you can apply to list your own coin, and who knows, make the next big success story. Register for an account with CoinsBeast and start your adventure today.


This is the famed news section. You’ll find all the latest coins and NFTs news and trade ideas here. So check out the news section and see what’s hot now in the crypto world.

NFT Calendar

The NFT calendar provides an excellent visual overview of upcoming NFT drops. Don’t miss the next hot investment and check out which awesome NFTs are coming up in the near future.