How Do You Start a Side Hustle With No Money


We are living at a critical time hard to deal with. Recent studies show that most Singaporeans live paycheck to paycheck. It appears as though life continues to be harder as time goes by. It is discouraging to talk about being employed and not having money. However, this is not something uncommon. There are several reasons why individuals struggle to make ends meet. For instance, a good number of people are overwhelmed with debt. How can you get out of this situation? Well, it is not easier, but you can be successful. In this blog, we are going to discuss how you can personally start a side hustle with no money.

You might be feeling that every money-generating activity requires money. This is understandable because some basics might be required. However, there are some side hustles that you can start without money. All you need to do is to be shrewd and strategic.

Yes, it requires money to earn money but not always. In fact, this is a bad assertion to thousands of individuals who are broke out there. There are more and more opportunities for you. It is possible to get started without money. You can even borrow money online and use to fund your ideas. The following are some of the hustlers you can start without money.


Although photography requires resources, you can still establish it with zero spendings. Yes, I agree that a camera of high quality and may be an expensive venue is needed to make good money from this business. But do you know it's possible to make it through without using a lot of money? Well, you have to be smart. Your friends have always looked for you when taking a selfie or group photo because of your phone.

You are absolutely right if you are thinking about what I am thinking. You can use your smartphone to take pictures and make money out of it. This will save you the cost of buying expensive cameras. Alternatively, you can borrow your friend's camera and use it to make extra cash. If the two options are impossible, use the company's camera for your business. But be careful so that you don't end up being sacked for misusing the company's resources.

Speaking in events

Many people are glossophobia. Anyone will be willing to volunteer in organizing an event until you speak of public speaking. Speaking in front of a large group is a nightmare for most people. This is a perfect hustle for you who is comfortable speaking to a big crowd. You will spend nothing at all. All your expenses including transport and lunch will be covered by the event planner. It will be a great opportunity for you to have a tasty meal just for free!


Nowadays experience and skills are paid for. You only need to showcase it and let people know what you are made of. With tutorials, you can teach people how to do anything. May it be cooking, singing, drawing, doing make-up, piercing-you name it. It will cost you nothing! What is needed is editing your video and that can be done by your friend or you if you can.


The assertion that driving businesses have a lot of requirements to be met is not true. In fact, it is one of the side hustles that are doable without spending a coin. You only need driving skills and enough experience. Signing up for driving apps like Uber and lyft is easy. You can sign up for it as a driver or give out your car to the Uber company. However, it is more profitable if you use your own car to do the business. When you are in control of the business, it will be easier to run the business with your own terms without interfering with your full-day job.

Designing websites

Today, websites are on-demand due to advanced technology. If you are looking for a business that is not costly, this is the one to go for. It only requires an active internet connection. Consider installing Wi-Fi because buying bundles will be too expensive for you. What we are trying to avoid is to spend money. What if you can't afford to have Wi-Fi, or maybe the installation will take too long? Don't worry, I have an absolution. Visit your neighbor or friend and enjoy the free internet. No one will know the reason behind your frequent visits.

Making blogs

Upcoming businesses are desperate to advertise their companies but they lack the personnel to do it for them. If you have writing skills, earn your own money by writing blogs for them. No resources are required in this field. The advantageous thing is that you can use your blog to showcase your own services. This will help you get more clients as more people will get to know your personalities. Nevertheless, you need to be unique in your game because this is a competitive field.

Selling e-book

Many writers have given up their dream of writing books because they don't have the money to publish it. There is good news here in case you are one of them. Platforms like Amazon have made it possible to write e-books and share it worldwide. However, you have to spend a little to make money out of it. You are required to pay some cash for your book to be displayed on Amazon. Once your book is posted on this site, the money will be flowing into your account daily. Therefore, it will cause you no harm to borrow some money to publish your ebook and then pay back immediately when your book makes a profit.


Proofreading is everyone's weakness. I would rather write long pages of an essay than to proofread one page of it. And I am sure others too will prefer the same thing because of how lazy we are. Surprisingly, proofreading is a skill some people have. But it may not be as easy as you think because you have to be the best in spelling and Grammar. No one will tolerate your mistakes yet you have been paid! At first, it will be a challenge to get clients but with enough exposure, it will be successful. Start by correcting a spelling mistake in your friend's messages. They may consider it annoying but you will be surprised when they become your potential clients in the future.

The Bottom Line

Most side hustles can be started without money. However, you have to be smart so that you make the side cash without spending a dime. Remember there is stiff competition since everyone wants to make money without using the little, they have in their pocket. I hope this article has helped you find what really suits you depending on your skills.