How to Become a RoboForex Partner and Start Making Money Right Away?


This article is devoted to the RoboForex Affiliate Program and about making money in Forex as a broker's partner. Let's started with getting the terms clear.

An Affiliate Program in the Forex market is a form of cooperation between a broker and its partner, so that the latter attracts news clients to the broker via its resources. The program is meant for website hosts who are eager to make a source of income out of their website. If you own a website that deals with currency operations, commercial activities, investments, and other such Internet operations, then RoboForex Affiliate Program is just for you.

What does a Forex broker give to its partner?

A way of attracting clients is posting advertising content on the partner's resource. In their Personal Member Areas, partners can find a whole range of banners, informers, and other content that makes their websites more efficient, hence, increases your revenue from the Affiliate Program.

Advantages of RoboForex Affiliate Program

  • Unlimited payments. Monthly or per-client payments are not limited.
  • No trade conditions. The broker pays for all trades without limitations.
  • Non-limited bonuses. Partner's reward is calculated using unlimited bonuses.
  • No requirements to the number of clients. The partner gets rewarded for the first client they drive in.
  • 24/7 support. RoboForex support is there 24/7 for clients and partners.
  • Simple analytics. The partner has all the information about the clients they attract in their PMA real-time.
  • Loyalty program. Loyalty program allows making up to 20% more profit on the partnership. It implies receiving additional payment as a share of the partner' fee at the end of each month.

The partner may use first payments to develop their project and attract new participants to it that will later become the broker's clients. More clients - more fees. With RoboForex special conditions, partners can develop their project to a certain level almost immediately and receive a stable income from virtually the first month of partnership.

Where to get started?

To become a RoboForex partner, register your PMA and sign the partnership agreement. Right after your registration procedure is complete, you can start attracting new clients and make money on their activity.

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