How to Start Trading Forex With Only $100


Have you ever considered doing anything productive that would allow you to make money with just $100? If yes, you might try investing in Forex. It is one of those markets where you can start trading with just $100. Forex is the world's largest financial market, worth $6 trillion, and it’s kind of a market where every penny counts. In this article, we’ll go through how you can start trading forex with only $100.

Here is how you can start trading in forex with $100

1. Accept the capital:

Accept the capital's limit. If you want to start forex trading with merely $100, you must accept your budget restrictions. You must plan & act accordingly. Accept that you will not be able to trade recklessly on that budget, and you must trade with modest lot sizes. However, you must have a proper risk management strategy and checklist to defend your investment. You can grow slowly in forex trading if you can accept such obstacles.

2. Analyze the Market:

Knowing what you're doing or what you’re going to do is very important. Similarly, while trading in the forex market, you must have a complete understanding of how it operates, with the first step being to analyze the forex market.

If you’re planning to stay long in the forex market, you'll need to know a few things, including currency understanding and basic elements that affect relative valuation.

There are many learning materials available in different sources but you can also check out PriceAction Ltd's educational materials and publications to learn more about forex. You can also read blogs to gather information and learn about various tips and tactics. All of these things will assist you in learning more about the forex market before you start risking your money.

There are two ways to analyze forex market,

Fundamental Analysis: Fundamental Analysis is the information about the market data and news. The currency state and relative value of each given currency pair reflects that country's economy, as well as its geolocation in relation to the country against which it is quoted. Fundamental research is a significant source of knowledge on trading advantages. It can be used to foresee both long-term and short-term market movements. Fundamental Analysis may also be used to assess and predict changes that occur as a consequence of significant economic events.

We've made a list of some of the most important fundamental factors that may have an impact on trading efficiency:

- Employment Stats

- Natural Disaster

- Geopolitical Changes and economical news events

- Central bank monetary policy and interest rate criteria

- Gross Domestic Product(GDP)

In today's trading interfaces, Forex brokers feature a news feed section. This allows traders to easily access information on the currency market and everything that is going on in it.

Technical Analysis: The study of past price movements with the goal of identifying patterns and predicting future market movements through the use of technical studies, indicators and other research tools is known as technical analysis. Technical indicators help traders to determine where and when to enter and exit the market.

Technical analysis can be broken down into two:

a. Trend Identification

b. Identifying support/resistance through the use of price charts and/or timeframes

3. Open a Demo Account:

A demo account is similar to a real trading account, however it is mostly used for trading practice and hands - on experience with the tools before moving on to live trading. Many forex brokers offer fully functional demo accounts with no charges. These demo accounts have the same functionality as the live trading platform. Tools like indicator, charting are also incorporated into that demo trading account. Even in demo accounts MetaTrader 4 is now supported by the majority of brokers, and it allows traders to trade automatically using Expert Advisor (EA) software.

Furthermore, a trader can benefit enormously from a demo account. Before starting in live trading, one can quickly verify a trading plan and strategy. Trading on a demo account can also help in the evaluation of trading efficiency. Trading on a demo account helps in determining how a trader reacts when making a profit or loss and would also allow one to assess if one has the temperament required to be a successful forex trader. Even if you're just practicing, you should make sure your trading approach is effective. Research different resources to learn more about trading strategies.

4. Review your Budget:

To begin your forex journey, $100 is a good starting point. Stick to your $100 budget until you are absolutely satisfied with your results, rather than being influenced or investing your budget forcefully. If you intend to invest $100 each month, stick to your budget; if you're having trouble making ends meet, invest $100 every quarter, but don't go beyond at first.

If you’re going good in live trading, you may then consider reinvesting the profits you made. If you intend to do so, you should do it to your comfort level and not exaggerating it. One must remember that there is an equal chance of losing all the money in forex trading.

5. Invest money and start trading:

If you're confident enough in all of your trading plans, strategies, and efficiency to begin live trading after completing the demo account trading, then it's time to invest money and get started. When it comes to live trading, there isn't much that differs from your demo trading experience. Despite the fact that you are risking $100, you must not trade based on emotions, but rather carefully and cautiously.

Each currency pair in forex has its own trading characteristics due to the underlying fundamentals of the component currencies. You should not invest in multiple currency pairs at first, but rather in the one that will ensure you a return.

6. Join a free signal channel:

Starting with merely $100 you can’t really afford to join a paid forex signal channel and as you wouldn’t be able to trade regularly with such budget restrictions you must accept and go with the alternative, a free signal channel. There are many signal providers in the market who provide free forex signals and we found PriceAction Ltd. as one of the most accurate forex free signal providers. They provide free signals on their telegram channel, not only that, their signal quality and frequency is top-notch. On a free channel, you'll get 2-3 free signals each week with free analysis, which will be compatible with your trading approach as you're just dealing with $100.


Though it is unimaginable to many people to trade in forex with just $100, there are many brokers with whom you can open a trading account by depositing only $5. One must acknowledge that there's a big difference between being able to start trading forex with $100 and being able to do so. Just because something is permissible and possible does not mean you should begin with it. However, just because someone tells you that $100 is too low does not mean you should give up.