InvestLite Review 2021: Broker enhancing your trading standards


InvestLite introduction:

The market saw the inception of InvestLite in 2020. The year that left the world in wonders. Well, so did this broker. We are going to tell you about a broker that has been for a far less time in the market but has managed to stand out among its competitors. The broker has been serving with legitimacy since day one and has made sure that every trader, no matter what level of expertise they hold, is treated the same.

InvestLite, as a broker, is straight and clear at a lot of places which are otherwise skipped out from the usual broker's end. Particular areas where the brokers tend to opt "cost-cutting" is where InvestLite has had a proper expenditure, and it shows. The broker daunts a goliath range of educational material. There are a total of 9 different types of material, each possessing a plethora of information.

The Internet helps with information too but keeping it all under one name and brilliantly sorted is where expert intervention is required. The broker makes sure that everything a trader needs to become a better one, is right in front of the eyes.

Let us read more about the broker and understand what it has to offer to its clients.

Account types:

The broker offers three main account types, and they are all intended towards singular market access that a trader needs. The three provided account types are the silver, the platinum and the gold. The good part about all three is that each account is specifically tailored keeping in mind what kind of trader will look upon the broker in what way.

For example, the gold account grants the user access to an immense market exposure by providing out of the class leverage. Leverage of 1:400 makes the trader open to 400 times more profit than the usual trade. Since the trader is also open to the same amplified loss, the broker keeps itself a step ahead and provides the user with a dedicated accounts manager.

Such steps are taken to ensure that the novice trader does not make an impulsive decision and at the same time, is backed by an expert if he or she wishes to do that. The broker also offers a swap discount on the account.

InvestLite takes everything up a notch by offering customised and profit pushing investment news with more than 45% swap discount in the platinum account. Most of the average brokers make it less than 20%. InvestLite, since its inception, has been making sure that the trader is never in a discomfort zone.

The platinum account also provides a free VPS service to its clients. Since trading news can be hazardous for non-intended users, a Virtual Private Server helps the trader to firmly secure the entry and exit positions, with other sensitive information.

Trading platform:

InvestLite offers the mighty MetaTrader4 as its primary trading platform. WebTrader hovers around as the second choice for traders.

MT4 is preferred explicitly by forex traders because of its robust nature and the ability to make multiple trades in a fully secure fashion. The broker is intended towards profits of the trader because only a satisfied customer walks in again inside the shop. Every successful business maker knows this, and so does InvestLite.

MT4 offers users with automated stop loss and take profit functions. These come in very handy when an average day trader working multiple jobs cannot look at the trade that efficiently. With both of these functions in play, a trader can stop incurring loss before it becomes hazardous for the account balance.

With that, MT4 comes in with the ability to show the full trade history to the user in one single click.

Tradable assets:

The broker boasts several tradable assets that include volatile and hence, more opportunity-exposing markets like cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin in the last months of 2020 has shown us what it is capable of. With a high of more than $39K, bitcoin has made enough people rich. InvestLite offers its traders an option to trade cryptocurrencies with CFDs.

Having its own benefits, CFDs and Cryptocurrencies together can make handsome profits for the trader. On the other hand, a combination of the two can be a little problematic in the case of unfair trade. Traders need to have their basics clear when they trade CFDs to avoid losses.

The market is as said earlier, volatile and hence is exposed to more profit opportunities. InvestLite earns on variable spreads to maximise the trader's profit, leaving the broker hassle-free and a calmed out trading session.

Forex can also be traded via InvestLite. A forex trade combined with the prowess of MT4 can make a lot of money. Forex is the ace of all transactions, daunts more than five trillion dollars traded each day and at the same time, serves the trader with unparalleled profit-making opportunities.

Apart from tradable assets, the broker also offers decent leverage for the traders. By providing more than 1:400 leverage, the broker opens a lot of trading opportunities for traders with lesser capital. Leverage is such a great trading tool that most of the expert traders play around leverage and leverage only. If you are confident about a $400 trade and the broker offers you to trade on it with just one dollar, then what is the problem? None. However, leverage has to be used properly because it has been noticed that traders who trade heavily on leverage are susceptible to losses more than the traditional ones

Account opening process:

InvestLite keeps the account opening process clean and straightforward. The user has to choose what account he or she wants to trade-in. After that, the broker redirects the user to a page that asks for personal and bank-related information from the user. After the registration process is complete, it is a matter of hours before the user gets registered with the broker.

The account types are kept short and sweet; every piece of information relevant to the profits a trader can make is paid particular attention to, by InvestLite. The broker seems dedicated to making trading a pleasant experience for the trader in terms of brokerage services.

Commission and fee:

Investec is the top choice for day and swing traders because the broker does not entertain commissioned trades. What happens in the case of average brokers is that they charge each trade just for the sake of putting it out in the market.

Swing traders tend to ride the market wave each day and make multiple trades throughout. Their profits are low, but when a lot of transactions add up, so does the earnings. When the broker charges a commission on each trade, it starts cutting down trade-profits slowly and what remains, in the end, is a fraction of what the trader could have made. InvestLite makes sure that the traders trading with it do not have to go through the pain of watching their earned money going into the hands of the broker. All the trades are kept free of commission. However, they are subject to spreads.

Spreads are also kept minimal in the case of InvestLite. The financial service provider charges a low spread of 0.003 in an era where we have seen multiple brokers charge commissions AND spread more than 3 per lot.

Deposits and Withdrawal:

InvestLite offers the raiders with a variety of options when it comes to the deposit and withdrawal. The payment options include debit and credit card with an additional option of Neteller Skrill and wire.

When it comes to withdrawal of funds, they have to be submitted online and even before that, the user is required to share full information. This is to avoid any kind of fraudulent acts that can happen with the trader. The credit card deposits are open to the withdrawal of the same amount.

Single position holding accounts are liable to an additional fee of fifty euros. It is charged because the broker is giving out its exceptional services to an active trader. Inactive traders make the most of useless traffic diversions. Since the broker has some other service provider to pay, the traders that are not trading through it are just an additional liability. Such people are liable to their own expenses and hence the fifty euro fee.

Education and Research material:

This is where InvestLite took all the points away. The research section is divided into nine more sections, each providing the trader with a different dimension of information. The articles relate to trading in terminology and the nuances of the same. Video-on-demand services are also made available by the broker on the same page. The trader has to have a minimum balance. Rest assured, InvestLite will make sure that the novice is given enough information and training that will convert him into an expert. Most of the scam and average brokers cut their expenditure by outsourcing other experts and youtube channels onto their own trading website. InvestLite, on the other hand, provides everything of its own. The material is self-made, and the people giving out advice via the broker are 100% genuine. The videos are kept interactive in the form of animations so that the user does not feel bored while moving the mind around money economics—a topic otherwise thought of being dull and boring.


The broker is a trading name BayLine Global Wold limited and comes under the regulation of IFSC. The international body is there to keep the scam brokers at bay, and the regulation process of the same is rigorous. The broker has to go through several processes and verification that take almost up to a year. InvestLite has crossed all the hurdles and proved that it is a broker that can be trusted; it is a broker that walks in the market as a visionary, with the aim of serving its people.

Scam or safe?

The broker is 100% safe as we see it. InvestLite keeps the account types simple, very clearly lets its raiders know that leverage and CFDs can be risky. The broker is also a lot more considerate to the novice trader in terms of non-commissioned trades and comparatively lesser spreads.

The leverage offered by the broker is not so much that in case of unfair trade, the whole wallet dries up, neither is it so low that usage or non-usage reflects no changes in the trading account of the user.


InvestLite is a completely safe broker as we have seen. The broker offers a lot of tools and additional features that a novice would need. If you are not already trading with the likes of HFTrading or GlobalTradeATF for example, you can, without any second thought, move your financials to InvestLite. The broker aims towards making trading a better experience for everyone.

Frequently asked questions:

Will I lose my money while trading?

The broker plays a crucial role in avoiding such situations, but the market is ruthless. At a point in time, you will lose the money. Better manage your risk management efficacy in an accountable fashion.

Where else can I trade?

For now, InvestLite is the show stopper. But if you are looking for more options, you can visit HFTrading, Global Trade ATF and a couple of more legit brokers that have been on the streets for a longer time.