Moneta Markets Launch Breakthrough Affiliate Program!


Global CFD Broker, Moneta Markets have revamped their affiliate partnership program, creating a new CPA structure, in what appears to be an industry first.

As Moneta Markets continue to make waves in the FX and CFD industry, the new CPA model will reward Affiliates with up to $1200 for deposits of $1000 or more. With three primary plans to choose from, as well as a ‘Platinum’ model for their premium affiliate partners, the new program looks to set a new precedent for the Forex affiliate industry.

Commenting on the new and improved CPA structure, Moneta Markets’ founder David Bily said that to stand out in an already crowded industry, you need to take a step back and really think about what will attract and retain Forex Affiliates businesses.

“We’ve developed our new CPA model with two simple objectives, to have tiered plans that specifically suit the traffic that affiliates choose to target, and to deliver even more value to our most successful affiliates. By offering three payment tiers, Gold, Silver and Bronze, we’re able to cater to affiliates of all kinds. No other broker in the industry offers this level of flexibility. And, with up to $1200 CPA on offer for deposits of $1000 or more, that cements us as one of the highest paying forex brokers for affiliates.

“On top of the three payment structures, we have also created an additional “Platinum” plan for affiliates who can consistently bring in high-quality traffic that rewards them even more. On top of their CPA payments, our Platinum partners will receive ongoing rebates on FX in perpetuity, Bi-weekly payouts, Prepayments as well as a range of additional exclusive benefits. We value the work our partners put in, and it’s important that we build on these relationships by rewarding them accordingly.

“Our technology partners have also had a pivotal role in helping us to create a fully integrated system to streamline every component of our CPA Partner program, to make everything as simple as possible for our affiliates. By working closely with the team at Panda and Praxis, we have been able to create a system that allows rapid client onboarding and account funding. And, by integrating the CellXpert platform with the Moneta Markets Client Portal and WebTrader platform, affiliates can access transparent reporting of payouts and rebates, powerful tracking, optimisation and a suite of multilingual marketing materials that are optimised to boost conversions, and to help partners take their business global. And, in an environment where we’re seeing increasing mobile traffic, we have integrated AppsFlyer into our AppTrader mobile platform for increased lead attribution, offering our partners more avenues to boost their earnings.”

In addition to overhauling their Affiliate Partnership program, Moneta Markets has also slashed the spreads across all instruments, a feature that affiliates are now leveraging when marketing the brand to prospective clients.

“We want to ensure that our partners are able to promote a superior product to our competitors, and with that in mind we are constantly looking to improve our offering. Recently, we have introduced several new account types STP, True ECN and Moneta Prime, all of which offer some of the tightest spreads in the industry across not only Forex pairs, but all our Indices and Commodity products too. Many brokers claim to have low spreads, but very few can live up to that promise. I can say with confidence that Moneta Markets’ spreads are far lower than our competition, with the majors consistently averaging 0.0 pips.”

With the addition of multiple account types as well as offering several platforms for traders to choose from, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and their next-gen WebTrader platform, Moneta Markets continues to appeal to an expanding audience, living up to its reputation as not only the preferred partner for Affiliates, but as the broker to keep an eye on throughout 2021!