Practice trading on weekends using a trading simulator!


Have you ever wanted to try a new strategy over the weekend only to find that the markets are closed and you are stuck until Monday? We have been there too and came up with a solution that we are super excited to tell you all about!

Introducing MT4 Ninja, the answer to trade without risk, and best of all, using the most popular trading software on the market, Metatrader 4!

MT4 Ninja allows you to trade any instrument at any time in a controlled Metatrader 4 test environment. Yes, even at weekends when the markets are closed you can practice, trial and refine your trading strategies using your favourite trading terminal and tools!


MT4 Ninja works in the Strategy Tester of Metatrader 4, it is an Expert Advisor with a graphical interface. Simply select the time period, symbol and time frame you want to use, and you can start trading as if you were trading live.

Open buy and sell orders with a click of a button and place pending orders using visual guides. You can close or modify orders at any time, and of course, also change your parameters like lot size, take profit or stop loss whenever you want!

You control the speed, make it faster or slow it down, you can even pause it to plan your next action! There is even a built-in economic calendar to support your decision making and to analyse the real impact of news.

just like in live trading, analysing multiple time frames is important. Using MT4 Ninja, you can generate time frames based on the initial period in just a few clicks!

Best of all, you have all the power of Metatrader 4 at your service, use any built-in or custom indicators or templates to support your trading strategy. Standard reports and graphs will help you analyse and improve your performance to make sure you are ready when it comes to trading live!

It is important to note that MT4 Ninja does not trade for you, you are in total control at all times, just like you would be when trading manually in a live environment.


What better way to test and develop your strategies than using a simulator? You can quickly test your idea against multiple time periods and instruments!

Imagine testing a new day trading strategy in live that is expected to keep orders open for up to 24 hours. Trading live, you have to wait for an entire day to see the results! Using MT4 Ninja you can perform the same test in less than 5 minutes!

But I can scroll back on charts and just check my setup, we hear you ask? Indeed you can! But you are missing out on the ability to place orders, analyse your results and most importantly, your entry points will be inadvertently affected by the fact that you can see the entire chart!

Once on to a winning strategy, you can refine it by simply re-testing using different instruments, time frames or trade parameters until you are happy that your strategy is complete and can be applied in live. Sounds good right, we think so too!


If you are serious about trading and Metatrader 4 is your chosen platform then the answer is without a question a big yes!

If you are just getting started with Metatrader 4, this is your best opportunity to get familiar with the platform and a wide variety of tools built into it.

If you are trading using a different software that doesn’t offer a testing tool, what have you got to lose? Once you start using Metatrader you will not be going back.


All in all, we can safely say that MT4 Ninja is the only simulator you will ever need to become successful at trading forex, stocks and commodities using Metatrader 4.

Whatever stage in your trading career you are in at the moment, having MT4 Ninja at your service will greatly benefit your future prospects! Get your license today at , and apply the discount code FXTR25 for a 25% discount at checkout!

MT4 Ninja - Trading simulator