The Main Reasons Why So Many Traders End Up In Profit In 2020 With Purple Trading


When we calculated the obligatory profitability statistics of client accounts for 2020 in January, we had no idea that the resulting number would take our breath away. It turned out that every third of our traders was profitable in the period from January to December 2020. At Purple Trading, we have always tried to offer our clients the best possible conditions for achieving the maximum level of profitability, and the current statistics only confirm that we are on the right track. And what exactly are the conditions?

The benefits of Purple Trading, which helps traders make profits

Quick execution and positive slips

The rapid completion of trade orders plays an important, often decisive, role in the path to success, which is why the main trade center is located in London, giving each trader some assurance that his orders will actually be completed in the shortest possible time. And to make matters worse, more than 80% of all stores are finally filled at the required or even better price.

Free deposits and withdrawals in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Fees for transferring money between accounts can cut a substantial part of the merchant's profit. At Purple Trading, we also deposit the money of our traders in the accounts of Czech and Slovak banks. They have the opportunity to transfer their finances free of charge and in some cases immediately. Please refer to our website for more details

We actively educate our traders

A successful trader is an informed trader. We have built a team on this idea, which (provide to our clients regular weekly webinars, practical ebooks with proven business strategies and information-packed articles.

We build a community, not a clientele

A professional relationship between a client and a broker, built on mutual respect, is undoubtedly a working concept. But we want to go a little further. We want traders to feel at home with us and not be afraid to trust us. For this purpose, we launched two projects some time ago. Trading Room, in which traders have the opportunity to watch about trading and ask questions related to trading. And Purple Trading Club, which acts as a platform for personal meetings with other traders, exchange of experiences and mutual enrichment.

We value loyalty

The merchant has the hard bread! And it wouldn't be us if we didn't try to help those who are really serious about trading. That is why we have prepared a program with up to 50% lower fees for the execution of the transaction (the so-called commission) and thus significantly reduce expenses. In addition, we offer a loyalty program which is designed so that all merchants have the same chance of gaining a higher status, regardless of the amount in their merchant account.

We are still here for clients and their questions

A professional approach and answering questions is also a matter of course at Purple Trading. We offer support in Czech, Slovak, and English. In addition, we try to answer each question in the shortest possible time, which is a maximum of 1-2 days in the long run.

As you can see, we take care of our clients and we are still trying to come up with other ways to increase the number of successful ones, because we already know today that this whole effort of ours really works and helps.

If you are interested in trying trading on your own with first-class trading conditions and a professional forex broker, then do not hesitate to try our demo account, which can be set up on our website completely free of charge and without risk here:

We wish many profitable deals!

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