Trade Bitcoin with 1:500 Leverage and Zero Commission with CryptoAltum


It’s not everyday you find a broker offering Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading with 1:500 leverage. However, CryptoAltum (est 2019), an MT5 broker specialising in cryptocurrency, offers just that.

How can CryptoAltum Offer Such High Leverage?

Well, it’s more a question of why traditional forex brokers can’t offer this leverage, and concerns risk. Crypto pricing and volatility are totally different to that of forex. Traditional forex brokers offer cryptocurrencies as a secondary product to forex pairs, and lack the required infrastructure, knowledge, and technology to support leveraged crypto trading. This is why you will generally find a maximum leverage of 1:20/1:50 for cryptocurrencies. CryptoAltum on the other hand was purpose built for crypto trading and is therefore able to source far superior pricing and liquidity.

Why are the Bitcoin spreads so low with CryptoAltum?

CryptoAltum guarantees the lowest BTCUSD spread in the market. On average, their spread is around $10 - $20 per lot, and has not risen above $100 during any of the recent bull runs. This is insanely low for Bitcoin.

You can expect to see BTCUSD spreads of around $50 to $100 with forex brokers, which are likely to spike instantly to $200 - $400 when there are any considerable market movements (which there are many when trading Bitcoin and other cryptos!).

Isn’t it Risky to Trade Bitcoin with High Leverage?

If you use leverage to open huge positions which are many times the size of your account value then yes, it can be risky. However, leverage can be used as a clever tool to simply manage margin requirements while still gaining exposure to the volatile and extremely lucrative crypto markets.

CryptoAltum recommends testing out the crypto markets on a free demo account first. Make sure to trade with the same amount of funds that you would use in a live account to get an accurate and realistic view of how your strategy could go.

Are There any Other Benefits to Trading With CryptoAltum?

Absolutely. Apart from the highest leverage and lowest crypto spread there is also zero commission charges on any trading account. Since they only transact in cryptocurrencies, there is also no need to provide KYC documents and information on sign up. All you need is a valid email address to get started. And, since they use the popular MT5 platform, the trading process is familiar to most.

What’s more, CryptoAltum also offers a 100% tradeable deposit bonus with no hidden withdrawal restrictions.

Trading is available 24/7, and so is their support team, who can be contacted at, or via Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger and Chat on the CryptoAltum website.