Trading Automation: Is it Time for AI in the Retail FX Market?


Sameer Bhopale, Chief Marketing Officer at FXCM

Once upon a time not so long ago, the world of trading looked vastly different.

To determine where to invest, a trader had to listen to the radio, read the daily newspaper, maybe even visit the library to research particular industries and individual companies. Once they knew where to invest, they would call their local broker and ask to buy the asset and what quantity they wanted over the phone. It was a manual, time-consuming and unsophisticated process.

Trading has come a long way in the last few decades. Today, a trader can receive a trading signal on their mobile from their broker, open the app and begin trading. That’s it. A few taps are enough to access the latest market news and open a position. It’s automated, instant and effortless.

However, with so many brokers, so many apps, and so many trading instruments, the choices of where to begin can be overwhelming. You need a platform that keeps up and evolves with the ever-transforming market, bringing in new technologies and trading tools to optimise user-experience.

One evolution the retail markets have largely yet to make, is the jump into AI technology – something that the wholesale capital markets are already leading the way with. While other brokers are still exploring AI, FXCM has partnered with, bringing AI benefits to our retail customers in the first partnership of its kind.

Automation at no extra cost

Through our partnership with, FXCM traders with zero technical skills can automate their trading strategies at no extra cost. This includes the ability to analyse, monitor and execute trading strategies using freestyle text and enjoy an efficient trading experience. enables brokers to complement their existing offering by further empowering, retaining and engaging with their traders while simultaneously generating new revenue streams. The platform provides robust capabilities through its cutting-edge proprietary AI, machine learning and NLP technologies, which are being utilised by leading brokers around the world today.

FXCM traders will get unrestricted, free of charge access to the platform to:

  • Automate trading strategies using natural language
  • Loop strategies to repeat trades indefinitely
  • Analyse and backtest trading strategies
  • Explore a live strategies library
  • Simulate trading strategies and much more.

As one of the world's largest retail brokers and a leader in online trading with over 20 years of experience, FXCM has a wealth of expertise and knowledge to share with traders. Whether it's foreign exchange, commodities, or stock indices, FXCM is the broker that partners with you at every call, click, or tap.