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Trading Systems
Combination of Price Action with Stochastic Oscillator
Stochastic is a very powerful technical indicator with which it is not only possible to measure the relative speed of trend movements, but it is also possible to determine the more important thing, the trend direction. However, when Stochastic is combined with the addition of a price trend candle, which by its nature is part of Price Action, then you simply get something great that is definitely worth having in any trading kit.
Trading Systems
SAR scalping - when it only takes a few minutes to profit
Scalping strategies attract many traders to them, because anyone who has ever encountered them knows very well that they are the ones with which it is possible to make a lot of money in a relatively short time. Today's strategy based on the SAR indicator is just one such strategy where it is indeed possible to make more money in a few minutes than with any long-term strategy.
Trading Systems
Increasing volumes - a strategy with an unclear end
Increasing volumes in trading is one of the most divisive trading strategies, which divides traders into two camps. On the one hand there are those who do not give up on it in any case and on the other hand those who claim that it is only a gamble in the long term. Each side is certainly right in some respects, and it is also true that today there are many different investment funds that are defacto based on the principle of increasing volumes over time. So it really cannot be said that they are mere gambling, since the level of risk here, as with other strategies, is again determined by proper money-management.
Trading Systems
Full Coverage - Universal Strategy for Forex Markets
The basis of trading success is not only quality education, but also experience and, last but not least, a well-chosen trading strategy. Full Coverage is a Forex strategy that a trader does not have to worry about whether it is a good choice, because it simply is. In addition it is a strategy that does not take even ten minutes to understand, which is also a huge advantage over other equally successful strategies.
Trading Systems
ADMI - Average Directional Movement Index
Combinations of trading indicators tend to be highly sought after among traders and are also very powerful trading tools that can achieve particularly great results. The ADMI is one such combination that offers many uses, but its unusual nature makes it quite different from many other combinations.
Trading Systems
Sliding Average with the Bear
The bearish strength indicator is one of the particularly effective tools aimed at identifying the current market sentiment, on the basis of which professional traders very often decide how to proceed. Together with the moving average, it can then form a unique pair that ultimately provides traders with information about the most important trading factors, which are often very difficult to do without.
Trading Systems
Price Action - Formation heralding the end of the trend
Once again, today we have here one of the Price Action trading strategies that are characterized by their versatility, as they can be used across almost all trading platforms, whether it is software installed directly on the device or some kind of web platform. The Price Action formation is one of those that the markets very often react as we expect, and in addition, relatively high SL to TP ratios can be achieved.
Trading Systems
M5 - Fibo Retracement Strategy
We already know from history that any trading strategy can be profitable and, of course, on the contrary, it can be a losing one. The M5-Fibo Retracement is one of the exceptional trading strategies in which success is not determined by the Fibonacci retracement settings, but by the methods and approaches used by the traders themselves.
Trading Systems
The Three Big Brothers - where will they appear next?
Price formations are one of the most powerful indicators in some currency pairs and other markets, which is why traders have been using them for decades. Another reason why they are so popular is also their unique advantage, in which the formations offer traders trading opportunities without them having to search for any information about the current market situation and do even more lengthy trading analysis afterwards.