SAR scalping - when it only takes a few minutes to profit


Scalping strategies attract many traders to them, because anyone who has ever encountered them knows very well that they are the ones with which it is possible to make a lot of money in a relatively short time.

Today's strategy based on the SAR indicator is just one such strategy where it is indeed possible to make more money in a few minutes than with any long-term strategy. 

Strategy entry rules

Entering long positions

-the price reaches the last SAR point located above the candles

Entry into short positions

-price reaches the last SAR point below the candles

The chart below depicts a situation where the current price has reached the SAR level (first green horizontal line), which is exactly the point in today's strategy where we need to start making short entries. Stop-Losses here are usually placed either at the new SAR point above the candles, or at the High level of the previous candle. Since this is a scalping strategy, while this particular trade could yield up to 80 points, Take-Profit traders usually place much closer to the opening price (so the final placement is up to the trader).  

On the next chart, it is now possible to see an analogous reverse situation, where on the contrary, the price reached the SAR level located above the candles, which created an entry signal for long trades. As far as limit orders are concerned, the same applies here as in the case of the previous situation already explained.

With today's SAR scalping strategy it is possible to achieve a success rate in excess of 60%, with the final amount depending primarily on the instrument within which the trades are executed.